USD Health Science Programs

The Health Science University of South Dakota

The University of South Dakota School of Health Science offers the broadest array of health science programs in the state of South Dakota. Below are links to the specifcs of the programs offered at USD. Please click on the links to find out more about them! If you would like more information regarding the programs, don't hesitate to call 605.357.1500 or email

Dental Hygiene (Undergraduate)

Our grads enjoy 100% job placement, including in a variety of settings such as a dental practice, public health clinics, schools, long-term care facilities, higher education and much more! Be part of South Dakota's only dental hygiene program.

Medical Laboratory Science (Undergraduate)

If you enjoy hands-on education and problem solving in a team setting, you will love this major and career! This high demand career (100% job placement) provides life-long mobility, flexibility, rewards and opportunities in the lab and beyond.

Nursing (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Our students learn nursing skills and new perspectives to become highly competent professionals. The University of South Dakota also offers a masters and doctorate degree in Nursing.

Occupational Therapy (Graduate)

This doctoral program educates practitioners who will empower patients to reach goals and maximize their independence. Occupational therapists promote health and self-sufficiency.

Physician Assistant (Graduate)

South Dakota's only PA program enables you to directly impact health care by practicing medicine under physician supervision. As a PA, you can work in a number of medical areas including hospitals, clinics, and long-term care settings.

Physical Therapy (Graduate)

The science of healing and the art of caring by physical therapists involves evaluation, treatments, planning, testing and more. You can work with a spectrum of patients regarding age, occupation and need. Our doctoral program rewards our graduates with 100% job placement.

Public Health (Graduate)

This online program addresses biostatistics, epidemiology, health services administration, social and behavioral sciences, and environmental health. Graduates will be prepared for dynamic career paths that protect and improve the health of people and communities.

Social Work (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Pursue your passion for improving the lives of individuals, families, communities, groups and organizations. Learn advanced level skills and interventions to meet the needs of diverse populations through policy, service and community planning.

Health Sciences (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Your Health Sciences degree will help you launch your career in the health care field or advance your existing career. Health Sciences is designed to prepare practicing health care professionals to assume leadership roles in academia, research, and/or health and human services practice settings.

Medical School (Graduate)

Providing nationally recognized excellence in curriculum, research and service, this M.D. program prepares students who will serve patients, community and their profession. South Dakota's only medical school also highlights physician health and well-being and kindness. Most of our students are graduates of South Dakota high schools.