Middle School

The Middle School Division of HOSA is for middle school students (Grades 6-8) who are interested in a career in health care. This division of the HOSA organization has been designated as a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) and has been specifically designed to meet the needs of these talented students!

HOSA - Future Health Professionals provides a unique program that helps the individual with LEADERSHIP SKILLS, PHYSICAL, MENTAL, and SOCIAL ENHANCEMENT, EMPLOYMENT, JOB PREPARATION, SELF-WORTH, MOTIVATION, AND EMPOWERMENT!

The National HOSA Office has developed the Middle School Handbook (link) and posted it to their website. The middle school program in South Dakota HOSA will follow the National/International HOSA Middle School Handbook regarding policies and procedures, but may offer different event options. Below is information to help you and your members as you prepare for competition and the various conferences.

  1. Competitor Limits- Middle school members may enter one event at the SLC and/or one Recognition Event.
  2. Recognition Category Events- Members/Chapters in all Recognition Category events automatically advance to the State Conference. Deadlines for the Recognition Category event submissions must be met in order to be recognized at the State Conference and/or International Conference.
  3. State Leadership Conference- During the Middle School Awards Session, the top 3 winners in each of the State Category events will be called to the stage to receive medals(1st place - gold medal, 2nd place - silver medal, 3rd place - bronze medal). Those earning a medal will earn a trip to compete at the International Leadership Conference.
  4. Advancing to International Leadership Conference (ILC)- The top 3 winners in each of the events will then be called to the stage at the SLC to receive medals can advance to compete at the ILC, if they choose.
  5. Below are the events MS students may compete in at the 2023 SD SLC-