Health Science

The strength of these events are cerebral; giving HOSA students an opportunity to understand the rigor to the academics relating to a healthcare profession. Both pharmacology and pathophysiology are cornerstone courses that must be taken to become a nurse, physician, or pharmacist among others. Events within this category focus on didactic or academic knowledge of healthcare related areas.

Below are the event synopses for the Health Science Events. Clicking on the link will direct you to the rules and guidelines for the event.

Health Informatics

  • 90-minute test
  • 75 questions involving health records and technology in health care

Medical Spelling

  • Round 1 test (60 minutes)
  • 50 questions
  • Round 2 Medical Spelling Bee

Medical Math

  • 90-minute test
  • 50 questions involving dosages, conversions, symbols and abbreviations

Medical Reading

  • 60-minute test
  • 50 questions tied to 5 assigned books
  • 1 essay question per book

Knowledge Tests

  • 90-minute test
  • 100 questions
  • 7 tests including: Behavioral Health, *Health Career Exploration, Human Growth & Development, Pathophysiology, Medical Law/Ethics, Pharmacology, Cultural Diversities and Disparities, and Nutrition