Health Care Team Event


The Health Care Team event has been designed to incorporate team based care and learning into a health scenario. According to the World Health Organization, IPE is defined as "when students from two or more professions learn about, from and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes." All of the links to surveys and modules are found on this webpage.

Video Scenario:

Please click on the link to view the video: 2024 Cardiac Arrest Video for SD HOSA SLC

The Event:

  • Allows students to define and gain insight into interprofessional education (IPE).
  • Allows students to research multiple health disciplines and identify these roles.
  • Allows students to work as a health care team when role playing for the event.
  • Allows students to collaborate when treating a standardized patient or simulation.


  • Students must view the following modules.

Module I: Introduction to IPE (Link)

  • This module will introduce you to IPE (Estimated time of completion: 2 minutes

Module II: Principles of Patient Centered Care (Link)

  • This module focuses on the the 8 Picker Principles on Patient Centered Care (Estimated time of completion: 10 minutes)

Module III: Involving Team Members Part 1: Why Involve Others? (Link)

  • This module will help identify others on your team via a case study. You will be playing a role of a family physician(Estimated time of completion: 10 minutes)

Module IV: Involving Team Members Part 2: Factors to Consider (Link)

  • This module will help identify the knowledge, skills, strengths, and weaknesses you possess as a family physician.(Estimated time of completion: 10 minutes)

Module V: Involving Team Members Part 3: The Quadruple Aim (Link)

  • This module will enlighten you on the four main topics of the Quadruple Aim: (5 minutes)

Module VI: Involving Team Members Part 4: IPEC Core Competencies (Link)


  • This module will help you identify the four main core competencies of Interprofessional Education. (Estimated time of completion: 2 minutes