"It takes a village to raise a child." -Author unknown

Just as it takes a village to raise a child it takes a village to educate one. Collaboration and teamwork are crucial components when giving students the best education possible. SD HOSA is collaborating with teachers, administrators, students, and healthcare professionals to make the SD HOSA experience one its members will never forget. We are building a network that will enable all involved to share ideas as we move SD HOSA forward.

More Information

We make your job easier by...

  1. Providing resources and curriculum to enhance your classroom
  2. Creating a network of SD HOSA Advisors to share ideas
  3. Adding relevance to your academics through conferences and events
We want to provide educational experiences through classroom assessments, healthcare tours, and on-site healthcare expositions to enhance the experience of each HOSA advisor and student member. Get students involved in the Competitive Events Program, use the HOSA curriculum to educate the community through collaborative projects, take advantage of the resources SD HOSA provides you to make you a more effective educator and enhance your students' experiences by allowing them to access case studies, online Grand Rounds lecture series and a host of other opportunities.

Chapter Advisor Responsibilities:
  1. Affiliate your membership every year
  2. Mentor your local officers
  3. Help facilitate monthly meetings
  4. Help students make contact with professionals in your community
  5. Attend HOSA events and activities
  6. Let them lead