Ross Lanier

When were you in HOSA?
I joined HOSA as a freshman in 2012 and remained in HOSA through 2016

What chapter?
Harrisburg HOSA

Where do you go to college?
University of Iowa

What is your major?
I received a B.A. in Biochemistry

What advice would you give HS students in HOSA today?
Try everything! You may have an exact idea of your future career, but HOSA is the perfect opportunity to branch out and learn about different aspects and fields of medicine that you may like but know nothing about.

How did HOSA help you get to where you are today?
HOSA was my first leadership involvement and was the beginning of my stronger involvement in science and medicine. I also made great memories with my friends and advisors in HOSA who pushed me to work harder on my goal of entering medicine.

Future plans?
I am most interested in specializing in either Internal Medicine or Radiology following my graduation from the Sanford School of Medicine.