Mikala Fjerstad

When were you in HOSA?
I joined HOSA in 2013, the very first year SD HOSA became a national charter. I was a junior at that time and continued my membership until my high school graduation.

What chapter?
I was a member of the Lennox HOSA Chapter.

What state officer position were you?
I had the privilege of being on South Dakota's first ever HOSA State Officer Team. I was the very first Treasurer!

Where do you go to college?
I am currently attending South Dakota State University.

What is your major?
I am majoring in both Mechanical Engineering and Spanish. This may seem odd for a HOSA Alumna, but I am minoring and specializing in Biomedical Engineering and plan to pursue the medical aspects of engineering.

What advice would you give HS students in HOSA today?
Relish in the opportunities that HOSA presents you. Take advantage of the time you have in the organization to build relationships with people who have the same passions and dreams as you! They just may be your colleagues someday.

How did HOSA help you get to where you are today?
HOSA opened up so many doors for me. Representing my state as an officer brought me to the national convention, allowed me to network with people in my future field, and really made my college application stand out. Being a part of this organization gave me a sample of what the medical field might be like in the future and eradicated any doubt I might have had going in to healthcare. HOSA reassured me that I was exactly where I needed to be.

Future plans?
After college, I plan to attend graduate school and get my Masters or PhD in Biomedical Engineering. My dream is to build and design prosthetics for wounded veterans and soldiers.