Jessica Glen

When were you in HOSA?

I was in HOSA all four years of high school until I graduated in 2019

What chapter?

Both Harrisburg and Brandon Valley HOSA

Where do you go to college?

University of South Dakota

What is your major?

Psychology / Business Administration

What advice would you give HS students in HOSA today?

My advice to HS students would be to explore as much that you possibly can in healthcare (and even other career fields that you find interesting). There are so many opportunities for students if you remain open to them such as internships, jobs, certifications, etc. Additionally, networking is extremely valuable for future career plans/opportunities.

How did HOSA help you get to where you are today?

HOSA strengthened my public speaking, leadership and communication skills as I became more involved. By the time I was a state officer and chapter president, I became comfortable speaking in front of hundreds of students, enjoyed building personal connections and competed with/against students at the HOSA International Leadership Conferences. Today, I continue to use what life experiences and knowledge I have gained and apply it towards my education going forward.

Future plans?

My future plans are to graduate from USD and complete my masters in hopes of either pursuing healthcare administration or business management.