Calie Kaiser

When were you in HOSA?

I was in HOSA from 2016-2018. I helped to open a chapter in my high school my junior year!

What chapter?

I was president of the Hoven HOSA Chapter

Where do you go to college?

I am currently a junior at Augustana University in Sioux Falls

What was your major?

I am a nursing major with a medical humanities and biology minor. It is a new minor at Augustana that dives deep into conflicts of ethics in medicine and how we as medical professionals should handle them.

What advice would you give HS students in HOSA today?

My best advice is to take full advantage of everything HOSA has to offer. Broadening your horizons, especially in high school, is a great advantage to have. The connections you can make through HOSA can help you throughout college and your future endeavors in your careers! I think one thing that is super important to know is that it's okay to not know exactly what you want to do yet in your career, but HOSA can help you figure out things you do and don't like!

How did HOSA help you get to where you are today?

HOSA helped me get where I am today by giving me opportunities to learn what I wanted to do, and giving me valuable experience through different events to also rule out different things I knew I was not interested in. It's totally okay to not like something! That just means you are one step closer to knowing what you want to do! HOSA also helped me set up job shadows (which I know is hard right now during a pandemic) to see different careers first hand and figure out more about what I wanted to do.

Future plans?

My future plans right now include graduating from Augustana University in May of 2022 with my bachelors of science in nursing. I will be a nursing intern at Avera this summer, which will hopefully help me figure out where I will want to work as a nurse. I then plan to go back to school to get my masters in nursing and become a nurse practitioner!