Leadership Events



Leadership is vital; regardless of profession. The strength of these events involves activities that promote leadership by motivating students to become proactive in their pursuits. Students learn to gain confidence in an interview setting and are able to express themselves creatively using art, speech, or writing as their medium.Below are the event synopses for the Leadership Events. Clicking on the link will direct you to the rules and guidelines for the event.

Extemporaneous Health Poster 

  • Project-based Event
  • Individual creation of a poster on a secret health article
  • Use of art mediums (charcoal, colored pencils, markers etc.)
  • 3 hour duration
  • This event shall be in the form of an individual creation of a poster conducted in a setting with individual work tables and sufficient space for each competitor to carry out his/her form of artistic expression, to be completed within three (3) hours of work time.

Extemporaneous Writing

  • Project Event
  • 60 minute time limit to type an essay on a related health issue
  • The topic is given to the student when they arrive at the event room
  • The essay will be saved to a flash drive and given to the judge

Healthy Lifestyle 

  • Project and Presentation Event
  • Round 1 Test
  • Round 2 Presentation
  • Establish a health goal
  • Document strategy via portfolio

Job Seeking Skills 

  • Presentation Event
  • Complete job application
  • Prepared cover letter and resume
  • Participate in job interview

Health Career Photography *denotes $500 travel scholarship to ILC

  • Project and Presentation Event
  • Three different photos of health professionals
  • Three narratives describing the photos
  • Presentation to judges

Prepared Speaking

  • Presentaiton Event
  • Paper written on National HOSA theme: 2019-Define Your Purpose
  • Speech based on National HOSA theme: 2019-Define Your Purpose

Researched Persuasive Writing & Speaking 

  • Presentation Event
  • Paper written to persuade judges on an assigned topic from National HOSA
  • Speech to persuade judges based on an assigned topic from National HOSA
  • 2018-19 Topic #1: 3D PrintingTechnology Should be Used to Create Human Organs
  • 2018-19 Topic #2: Police Officers Should be Required to Carry Naloxone