HOSA Creates Biotech Video Event

HOSA students take notice...In collaboration with South Dakota Biotech, Sanford Research, and South Dakota EPSCoR, South Dakota HOSA has created a new competitive event entitled "Biotechnology Video" event. This event is a teamwork event in which 2-3 members will collaborate with a biotech company to create a 60-120-second video regarding how the company is working to FEED THE MULTITUDES, FUEL THE PLANET, or HEAL THE MASSES. Awards will be given at the 2019 SD HOSA State Leadership Conference.

Prize money is listed below:

1st  Place: $750

2nd Place: $500

3rd Place: $250

Here is a link to the logistics for the event: /images/uploads/pdfs/2019_Biotech_Video_Competition_Logistics_and_Rubric.pdf

Here is a link to the biotech companies you may reach out to and collaborate with: http://www.sdbio.org/index.php/membership/members/ 

Biotechnology is changing the face...of everything...agriculture, business, education, healthcare; you name it!