O’Gorman/Greater Sioux Falls HOSA Take In Gross Anatomy Lab

Students from the O’Gorman/Greater Sioux Falls HOSA Chapter travelled to Vermillion, SD to visit the USD Sanford School of Medicine Gross Anatomy Lab. Not only was the trip informational, but it was also full of new experiences and fun.

The students met with Dr. Inglis and Kelsey Koch, a 4th year medical student who was his assistant. While there, it was shared with the students that the bodies would be referred to as “donors” to honor their choice of donating their bodies to science. Ms. Koch began by showing the students and chaperones the respiratory system of one of the donors. She used a very hands-on method to fully engage them in the true spectacle of the human body. She allowed the HOSA members to examine the lungs, intestines, and other organs up close. They even got to help point out different organs and search for them on their own with her guidance. Ms. Koch did an awesome job of helping the students learn what really goes on inside the human body and how all of the systems work together.

After she finished, Dr. Inglis showed the students different organs that had been preserved. He showed what a healthy version of the organ looked like then compared it to one plagued with disease or that had some form of a rupture. Brains, lungs, gallbladders, and other organs were used for the students to guess what disease had caused the different defects. The students also got an up-close look at what metastatic cancer can look like, as well as what it is and the problems it can cause. And, as if they weren’t lucky enough with that, the students were also allowed to view and hold human brains that had had major and minor strokes. Dr. Inglis did a great job of allowing the HOSA members to make their own guesses on what organs were which, their functions, and different diseases that can cause problems to them. He also explained different ways of dissecting that his medical students were using in the lab to create models of the organs. Members were then given the opportunity to examine some of the models they had made. Dr. Inglis definitely proved that anatomy doesn’t have to be mundane.

Overall, our trip to the USD Sanford School of Medicine Gross Anatomy Lab was extremely effective in growing our interest in the human body for the HOSA members and chaperones. The members were beyond grateful to Ms. Koch and Dr. Inglis for creating such a beneficial experience for them. It was a trip that won’t be forgotten, and the students can’t wait to go back!