O’G/Greater Sioux Falls Tour USD Cadaver Lab

On Thursday, February 23rd, 2017, our HOSA chapter, O'Gorman-Greater Sioux Falls, traveled to the University of South Dakota to see the Sanford Gross Anatomy Lab. To plainly state our experience, it was exhilarating. While we are in high school, most of our medical experiences reach their apex with the dissection of an animal. Our experience with the Gross Anatomy Lab changed that completely.

On reaching the USD campus, we were all giddy with excitement. Denise Arrick took us to the lab and showed us the body of the donor. We were able to touch and feel every part of the body. Being able to touch each organ and explore the inner workings of the body, compared to merely learning about it from a textbook, gave us a deeper understanding of the complex networks of organ systems that make up the body. What was truly intriguing was trying to identify each part of the body and deciding whether it was in normal condition or not. Then we were able to see a brain that was affected by a stroke, lungs that were affected by cancer as a result of smoking, and a heart that had a pacemaker in it.

Being able to see the human body from this new perspective will be an experience that we will remember and cherish forever. This experience was amazing and has influenced me to pursue a career in the medical field. I highly recommend that everyone visit the Sanford Gross Anatomy Lab and experience the thrill of unravelling the mysteries of the complex human body.

-Angela Roberts, HOSA State Officer