Kimberly Chow Pursues Dream at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine

Kimberly Chow is a 2014 South Dakota HOSA Alumnus focusing on her desire for academic medicine. We caught up with Kim in this month's SD HOSA ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: 

When were you in HOSA?
I joined in high school, 2010-2014.

What chapter?
Dakota Valley High School

What state officer position were you?
State President

Where do you go to college?
I graduated Northwestern University in 2017. I currently attend Northwestern's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, where I am pursuing my MD degree.

What is/was your major?
I was a Political Science major. I was a part of the Honors Program in Medical Education at Northwestern as part of my curriculum as well.

What advice would you give HS students in HOSA today?
Use HOSA as a chance to explore careers! I'm glad I branched out to hear more about healthcare from all types of providers and caregivers.

How did HOSA help you get to where you are today?
HOSA was what pushed me to explore a career in healthcare early. I got the chance to hear and learn from so many different health professionals, meet students who were interested in similar things, and ultimately earn my CNA license in high school. Some HOSA events stick out in my mind as being especially formative. For example, visiting the simulation lab at the University of South Dakota got me interested in simulation-based medical education. I now am part of a medical education team that is revamping Northwestern's cardiology fellowship training in right heart catheterization by integrating simulation technology. If you keep your curiosity close to you, you will find things that will inspire and shape your future.

Future plans?
I haven't decided on a specialty yet, but I know I'm interested in staying in academic medicine.