South Dakota HOSA - The Virtual Experience


“I’m frustrated.”

“I fail to find answers.”

"I want to work as a health professional, but have no idea where to start."

“Worse yet, most times I don’t even know what questions to ask.”

We have the remedy for your frustrations and confusion…Become a South Dakota HOSA-Future Health Professionals member to find the right answers and better yet, learn about what questions to ask!

South Dakota HOSA members…
       1. ENVISION themselves as future health professionals in South Dakota.
       2. ENERGIZE each other in their pursuits and goals.
       3. ENGAGE in procedural, presentation, and project-based activities.

How do I become a "virtual" HOSA member?:

  1. Have an interest in the health sciences
  2. Enroll in a health science course of study (even if its online!)
  3. Contact the SD HOSA State Advisor to affiliate
  4. Fill out Letter of Intent

What are the benefits of my membership?:

1. Opportunity for State and National HOSA Scholarships

  • SD HOSA gives away $10,000 in scholarships annually
  • National HOSA gives away $65,000 in scholarships annually

2. Compete in HOSA’s Competitive Events Program/SD HOSA State Conference

  • Compete among South Dakota’s finest
  • Tours and Academic Sessions

3. Things you may want to consider doing as an at-large member (other resources being developed)