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HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS, You Can Invest In the Future of Healthcare By:

  1. Investing your time by judging our competitive events or presenting at our conferences.

  2. Investing your talent by demonstrating and sharing with future health professionals.

  3. Investing your treasure by sponsoring a student, a conference, or SD HOSA chapters.

Making the decision to pursue medicine is big step for many high school students. It means lengthening the number of years of postsecondary education from 4 to sometimes as high as 18 or 20. Becoming involved in HOSA as early as middle and high school has been the first big step in this commitment for millions of students across the nation! HOSA offers countless opportunities for its members to begin to develop into the healthcare professionals they desire to be like in the future healthcare professionals just like you!

Invest Your Time
Each year contests at the South Dakota HOSA State Leadership Conference are in need of judges and volunteers to help make our conference a success. This is a great opportunity to see firsthand what the students have learned in the classroom and then demonstrate during the competition.

If you would like to be a presenter at our 2019 State Leadership Conference, click here to fill out or academic session presentation form.

Invest Your Talent
Nobody knows procedures like the professionals themselves! Use your talents to help students perform procedures and create projects by allowing them to interview or shadow you for a day.

Invest Your Treasure
Help promote health care literacy by joining other sponsors and partners in financially supporting South Dakota HOSA. There are sponsorships available for students, conferences, and local chapters.






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