Dress Code

Official Dress Code (HOSA Uniform)

Offical HOSA uniform is a tailored navy blazer with emblem affixed over the heart with the following accessories:

Business Attire Dress Code (for ALL GENERAL SESSIONS)

HOSA members may also be dressed in business attire as follows:

Student delegates not adhering to the above dress policy for all general sessions may be penalized in competition.

HOSA Casual

During breakout sessions and tours, HOSA students may adhere to the following dress code:

Competitive Event’s Dress Attire

Delegates must adhere to the Dress Code as specified in the individual competitive event guidelines for the orientation and event in which they are competing. Bonus points will be given according to the individual guidelines.

For all competitive events, five (5) bonus points will be added once per competitor and/or team to the tally sheet for appropriate dress. In team events, all team members must be properly dressed to receive the bonus points. Exceptions are as noted in the event guidelines.

What is NOT Acceptable

The following attire will NOT BE allowed at any HOSA event:

Tips for Dress Code Success

No dress code can cover all contingencies so HOSA members must use a certain amount of judgment in their choice of clothing to wear. HOSA members who experience uncertainty about acceptable HOSA attire should ask his/her HOSA local or state advisor.

Here are a few more tips to help you understand the HOSA Dress Code.  "HOSA Casual" is the exception to some of these rules in instances such as denim and casual foot wear.