HOSA Experiences Through Avera Health


Through Avera, HOSA students have opportunities to expand their health care experience. Job shadowing, volunteering, and part-time jobs are a great way to better understand the interworkings of health facilities. Avera Health offers students experiences they will not find sitting in a classroom or reading about the career online.

Avera support/ideas for HOSA chapter meetings

Department tours:
Come see how healthcare is delivered on an inpatient hospital unit or an outpatient service.  Tours may include Emergency Department, Medical-Surgical Unit, Cardio-Pulmonary Unit, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Radiology, Oncology services, etc.

Facility tours:
Avera eCARE™ leads the nation in delivering the broadest range of telemedicine services available from a single source.  From our centralized virtual hospital hub—known as the eHELM—our board-certified physicians, pharmacists, nurses and telemedicine staff work together 24/7 to provide around-the-clock connections to specialty care.

Therapy demos (OT, PT, Speech):
Therapists create all kinds of adaptations to assist people to be more independent.  Come look them over and try on a few!

Presentations/facilitated discussions

Hot Jobs:
Which jobs are in the most demand right now?  How about 2 or 4 years from now?  Come learn what jobs will be ready and waiting for you! 

Little Known Jobs in Healthcare:
Large healthcare systems like Avera are their own little cities!  Come learn about all the different kinds of jobs available, both jobs that work directly with patients and those that don’t. 

If College Isn’t in Your Plans:
Maybe hitting the books isn’t your thing!  Come learn the jobs that are available with no college preparation.  Several jobs in healthcare offer on-the-job training to you!

What is Career Planning?:
How can you begin to make a plan to become your dream job?  We’ll show you some typical journeys at Avera and some not-so-typical ones! 

For career planning email CareerPlanning@avera.org 

Getting Your Foot in the Door:

If healthcare is in your future, why not start now?  Come learn how high school students can be part of the Avera team and the advantages for you later on!   There are 3 great ways that teens can start their career journey.  Become a volunteer, job shadow and/or work part-time.  All will be good ways to grow your resume.

Avera offers opportunities on a number of campuses

  • Avera St. Luke's Hospital (Aberdeen, SD)
  • Avera Queen of Peace Hospital (Mitchell, SD)
  • Avera St. Mary's Hospital (Pierre, SD)
  • Avera McKennan Hospital and University Health Center (Sioux Falls, SD)
  • Avera Sacred Heart Hospital (Yankton, SD)

Volunteer: www.avera.org. Search volunteer and find the location nearest you.

Job Shadow: http://www.avera.org/careers/job-shadowing/  The link will take you through the process of the Avera Job Shadow Program. Please pay attention to the HIPAA regulations, participation expectations, and safety.

Jobs: www.avera.org/careers to see all openings.