South Dakota HOSA Holds Successful Leadership Conference



South Dakota proudly hosted the annual State Leadership Conference on April 5-6. From the numerous tours available to the presentation on the Sanford Da Vinci surgical robot, the 2018 South Dakota HOSA State Leadership Conference proved to be a blast for all of its participants. As a state, we have reached a new record of membership with over 800 students involved in HOSA – Future Health Professionals and over 600 registered members in attendance. This year’s HOSA State Conference had a lot to live up to; not only did it have a multitude of both old and new chapters to entertain, it also had to impress potential future chapters interested in joining HOSA. However, I am ecstatic to say that not only were all of those conditions met; they were greatly exceeded.

The tours to the Sanford, Avera, and the VA hospitals gave attendees a focused insight into the crucial operations of a professional and experienced medical team. The hands-on demos with the precise Da Vinci surgical robot gave students a peek at the future of medicine. And on top of all of those events, the HOSA chapters were also able to participate in various breakout sessions ranging from the fun disaster-training exercise and Kahoot games, to the practical seminar on medical professions available in the army session, and the educational presentation on genetics by the Sanford Health team. In fact, a lot of the members in my own chapter even found themselves frustrated in trying to carefully plan how they could efficiently get to all the places they needed to go.

Towards the end of the day, HOSA members were able to recoup and energize themselves with a rousing and inspiring speech by Survivor finalist Holly Hoffman. Through her powerful and relatable speech on her experience on the hit show, members learnt the valuable lesson of never losing hope when faced with huge obstacles. Furthermore, having watched twenty-one seasons of survivor, it was safe to say that a fellow member was more than pleased to meet his idol.

Following a well-attended college/career fair, over 80 champions were crowned at the HOSA’s Award Session looking forward to competing in Dallas, TX at HOSA’s International Leadership Conference.

Through the many educational and enjoyable opportunities provided, this year’s HOSA State Leadership Conference proved to be one of the organization’s finest.