South Dakota HOSA Finishes 5th in the Nation!

In June, South Dakota HOSA representative competed at HOSA-Future Health Professionals International Leadership Conference. The competitions included over 8,000 competitors across North America and Canada. Overall, South Dakota HOSA finished 5th based on number of membership per state. Its the best finish South Dakota has had since starting HOSA in 2012-13. South Dakota placed 13 students in 8 competitions in the top 10!

Brock Rops, the South Dakota HOSA State Advisor said, "Students from South Dakota can compete at this level and this is evidence to that. This is a remarkable accomplishment for these young people as they will be able to highlight this accomplishment in any resume and application. Kudos to the work these students and advisors have put into it. Abe Lincoln has been credited with this statement, 'Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend three of them sharpening my axe.' This is what the South Dakota HOSA program is about; sharpening their axes as they prepare for their next level of academia."

South Dakota placed had a ratio of Finalists to Membership of 1:114.The results are below:

State Secondary Members Ratio of Finalists to Membership Rank
RI 79 1:79 1
WA 2,068 1:103 2
NJ 3,525 1:104 3
ID 1,206 1:109 4
SD 802 1:114 5
MI 6,654 1:135 6
MD 155 1:155 7
MN 1,077 1:179 8
HI 1,458 1:182 9
DE 1,302 1:186 10

South Dakota finished 15th overall without consideration to representation. Another tremendous feat considering some states have thousands of members!