SD HOSA Delegates Enjoy International Leadership Conference

This summer’s HOSA conference was as magical as Walt Disney World itself. Coronado Springs Resort was a lush getaway, bustling with students in our classic navy blue attire on their way to symposiums, speakers, and special events. Sunny Orlando, Florida provided the perfect backdrop to an amazing international leadership conference.

The opening session started the conference off on the right note. We were greeted by many iconic Disney characters, and even serenaded by the a cappella group, House of Mouse. The days after the opening were filled with studying, competing, and of course some fun! Everyone had something to do, whether that was going to Disney Springs, or attending an amazing symposium.

It was difficult to choose where to go with all the wonderful sessions going on. Every member had the opportunity to truly explore their interests in everything from ER stories to using music as a treatment alternative for dementia patients. No matter what sessions members attended, each and every one demonstrate the awe-inspiring advances taking place in the medical field.

Meeting the candidates running for national office and hearing them speak about HOSA was so inspiring. Voting for these people to run our organization is my favorite part of each conference. Being a part of that decision made me realize that I have as much of an impact on this organization as it has had on me. I was also honored to carry the state flag across the national stage. I will never forget the feeling of standing in front of thousands of my peers because of my accomplishments.

We will all remember different things from this week. Maybe you remember your flight delays, or our day at the water park, or the wonderful atmosphere while we were amazed by the magician. No matter what you take away from the ILC, the experience of being surrounded and supported by people with the same interest and passion for the health field is inspiring.

Top 10 Finishers
Community Awareness, Harrisburg HOSA
Prepared Speaking – Hannah Hetland